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Meet Pastor Rueben Speight 

A native of Douglas, Georgia, Pastor Speight is a man with hometown roots, but a global vision. He has a compassionate spirit, as well as a pure love for God and people. Pastor Speight is a man of true character, wisdom, and faith and is a dedicated visionary with a heart of humility and excellence.

He is committed to teaching the good news of Jesus Christ with simplicity and understanding to people near and far. He aspires to change his community, country, and ultimately the world one person at a time. Pastor Speight is a dynamic orator whose God-inspired sermons exude relevance and life-changing empowerment. His teachings have helped thousands find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ. Pastor Speight is the author of “My Plans His Purpose,” a personal revelation of God’s amazing grace. He shares his intimate secrets and revelations that were revealed to him during a difficult season in his life. Yes, all of us make plans concerning our lives but “What do you do when your plans may not be His?”
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Expanding the vision...

Pastor Speight was appointed pastor of Greater Destiny International Ministries in April 2006. The ministry has seen and continues to experience exponential and overwhelming growth.

It is the desire of Pastor Speight that all hear the Word and gain an understanding of the agape love of Christ and His promises to His people. He promotes holistic well-being through personal examples as well as practical and applicable teachings. This approach is also evident in his God-given vision for the church. The vision for Greater Destiny International Ministries is to empower individuals with the Word of God by leading of the Holy Spirit from a holistic point of view. These empowered individuals will, in turn, empower others.  


Pastor Speight is married to Lady Allyson Speight. They acknowledge God first and foremost in their relationship and consistently exemplify Christian principles and values for individuals and families. In August of 2018, the couple launched a YouTube channel, "The Journey with Rueben & Allyson," dedicated to helping couples, through exemplifying their love for one another,  learn keys to making your marriage last as God has intended for it to be. God has not only blessed their union with a thriving ministry, but He has also given them three beautiful children, Jaymin, Anyssa, and Aydin.
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