Pastor Rueben Speight

A native of Douglas, Georgia, Pastor Speight is a man with hometown roots, but a global vision. He has a compassionate spirit, as well as a pure love for God and people. Pastor Speight is a man of true character, wisdom, and faith and is a dedicated visionary with a heart of humility and excellence. 

He is committed to teaching the good news of Jesus Christ with simplicity and understanding to people near and far. He aspires to change his community, country, and ultimately the world one person at a time. Pastor Speight is a dynamic orator whose God-inspired sermons exude relevance and life-changing empowerment. His teachings have helped thousands find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ. Pastor Speight is the author of “My Plans His Purpose,” a personal revelation of God’s amazing grace. He shares his intimate secrets and revelations that were revealed to him during a difficult season in his life. 

Pastor Speight was appointed pastor of Greater Destiny International Ministries in April 2006. The ministry has seen and continues to experience exponential and overwhelming growth.

Pastor Speight desires that all hear the Word and gain an understanding of the agape love of Christ and His promises to His people. He promotes holistic well-being through personal examples as well as practical and applicable teachings. This approach is also evident in his God-given vision for the church.

Lady Allyson Speight 

Lady Allyson Speight is a dedicated and determined follower of Christ who serves lovingly alongside her husband, Pastor Rueben Speight of Greater Destiny International Ministries. It is with great joy and sincerity that Lady Speight serves God and the body of believers that she assists in leading.

As a result of her biblically based upbringing as the daughter of Overseer Jimmy & Elect Lady Delores McRae, Lady Speight was conditioned to be an earnest servant of the Lord while developing a passion for worship through the years. God is doing great things in the lives of the believers because of her obedience. At the core, she believes that a part of her purpose is to assist the people of God, realize their full potential, and understand that the fulfillment of their purpose has a positive effect within the body of Christ.

Academically, Lady Allyson Speight holds a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, as well as an Education Specialist’s Degree in Educational Leadership. In addition, she is the Director of Assessment & Accountability for the Coffee County Board of Education.  

As a devoted mother of three children who have a call on their lives to do great exploits for the Kingdom, Lady Speight continues to fulfill the extensive mandate that God has placed on her life.