Lady Allyson Speight 

Meet Lady Allyson Speight 

Lady Allyson Speight is the wife of Pastor Rueben Speight and is a dedicated and determined Pastor's wife. Lady Speight is one who finds great joy in serving God while taking her walk with Christ very seriously. She conveys that same sincerity to the body of believers that she helps to lead. She feels that a part of her purpose is to help the people of God realize their full potential while understanding that the fulfillment of their purpose has a positive ripple effect in the body of Christ. Once that understanding is reached, the Kingdom of God will continue to be advanced without ceasing.
Lady Speight was born and raised in Douglas, GA and is the daughter of Overseer Jimmy & Elect Lady Delores McRae. From her early childhood days until this present time, she has been dedicated to the service of the Lord. As a Pastor's child, she was conditioned to be a sincere and true servant of the Lord. She began serving as a musician in her parents' church at the age of nine until the establishment of Greater Destiny International Ministries. She continues to serve as a musician for the ministry. Lady Speight developed a passion for worship through the years and she conveys that passion through praise and worship each week. She yearns for the people of God to reach the place in worship where a personal touch from God is within their reach if surrender and openness to the flow of God's spirit are embraced. It is her desire for the body of Christ to take advantage of an experience that is not just felt on a Sunday morning but daily. 
God has begun a new work in Lady Speight. As she continues to support Pastor Rueben Speight in ministry, the mandate to share the word of God is becoming all the more evident. God is doing great things in the lives of the believers because of her obedience. She is proud to serve with a man of God who follows the heartbeat of the Father so closely. Lady Speight holds a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership, as well as an Education Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership. In addition, she is the Director of Assessment & Accountability for the Coffee County School System.  
The Speight Family
She is a dedicated and supportive wife, as well as the affectionate mother of Jaymin, Anyssa, and Aydin, children who have a call on their lives to do great exploits for the Kingdom. Continue to keep Lady Speight in your prayers as she continues to fulfill the mandate that God has placed on her life.